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Today’s technology allows someone to gather resumes and conduct interviews using numerous websites and resources. However, sifting through resumes and conducting several interviews with unqualified candidates is time consuming and can become a daunting task. This is where The Xcel Search Group becomes an important ally for your company. Our search consultants take the extra time required to determine a Company’s hiring profiles, including the intangibles that separate the superior placement from a mere stopgap. Discussing the desired position and developing a more refined job description is an integral part of our service.

Recruiting solutions utilizing The Xcel Search Group are devised to fit any temporary, temp-to-perm or permanent situation within an organization. We have worked with start-ups looking for a CFO to Fortune 500 companies looking for a new member of a Finance team and every aspect in between. We offer Retained-based and contingency-based searches which are developed to fit a client company’s desires and needs. The Xcel Search Group has vast experience working with biotechnology firms, high technology companies, financial services, business, real estate and other industries.


Client Relationships

Our first step is to discuss with the appropriate contacts within a company to evaluate what the fundamentals are about the company’s operations and management style. We review position descriptions with the hiring manager to ensure that everyone is in agreement as to the background and skills that are desired. An Xcel Search Group consultant may also assist in preparing a position specification for the opening.

Initiating the Search

We will target similar organizations and industries where qualified candidates are likely to be employed. Our database is filled with potential candidates and contact points. Our search consultant will review our database and find potentially qualified candidates with the education and experience that best suit your needs. Since we have an extensive network, we will approach top hiring managers for referrals of outstanding candidates in their sphere of infuence. After generating a pool, we will evaluate the prospective candidates with the right experience and culture fit (the soft skills are very important also).

Evaluating Candidates

A search consultant will conduct a lengthy telephone conversation with the most-qualified candidates. Based on the screening results, we will conduct face-to-face meetings to assess both personal and technical qualifications and interest in the position.

Review Candidates Profiles with Client

We will discuss the candidate’s background and personality with the client company. The Xcel Search Group will assist in coordinating interviews with the client company to meet the candidates best qualified for the position.

Client-Candidate Meetings

Based on the client’s interest in one or more candidates, an Xcel Search Group consultant will conduct reference and background checks. The Xcel Search Group is also available to assist in any company/candidate negotiations.

Follow Up

We maintain contact with both the client company and the candidate after the placement to ensure that there are open lines of communication and that the relationship is proceeding as planned.

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