Selling yourself in an Interview

During the interview it is essential that you SELL YOURSELF.  Feature-Example-Benefit Selling, also known as FEB selling, is a fabulous way to do this!  FEB selling teaches you to effectively sell yourself by using personal examples.

FEATURE:        a fact that sets you apart from other people.
EXAMPLE:       a specific, personal example that supports your fact.
BENEFIT:          how your fact and example benefit the employer.

For example:

Feature: I have a strong work ethic

Example: While attending college full-time, I worked 40 hours a week to finance my education.

Benefit: I’m used to working hard in order to achieve positive results.

By using the examples above, we come up with this statement

“I have a strong work ethic.  For example, while attending college full-time I worked 40 hours a week to finance my education.  What this means for [XYZ Company] is that I’m used to working hard in order to achieve positive results.”

Read the job description and pick out buzz words and incorporate them in your FEB.’s.  Examine your background and consider what your Example would be for each Feature and how you think it will Benefit that company

Take the following opening from an actual job listing:

As the leader of the team, you will ensure maximum reliability and effectiveness of information produced, enabling leadership to make well-informed decisions. The successful [candidate] is a clear communicator, highly analytical, and possesses the necessary skills and experience to develop a world-class finance team. The ideal candidate has a collaborative attitude, makes thoughtful decisions in a timely manner and never hesitates to roll up their sleeves to execute a broad range of financial management responsibilities.  You have an eye for detail, hold yourself to the highest standard and are obsessed with coaching others to success.

The emphasized phrases represents the features this employer desires.  These should be a focus of your interview and your key selling points.

Other Features that employers’ desire are: Resilient, Goal-Oriented, Motivated, Persistent.  Having solid examples of such features and reasons that they are beneficial and you will have a successful interview!

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