Closing the Interview, Page 3

As discussed in the last couple Tips of the Weeks, it is important to close that deal and make a great impression.
After you have asked your lead-in question (see last week’s tip) if the employer hasn’t set up the next step there is still work to be done. The employer may still have genuine concerns or may create concerns to see how you handle the situation. Use FEB selling to overcome the objections (this was in a previous posts). Until you feel you have overcome all of the hesitations that the employer has, only then should you proceed to step 2.
Now you are on the home stretch. The bases loaded and you’re up to bat. The good news is, you are almost done! The bad news is, this is the most important part. It is absolutely crucial you ask the following questions:
For initial interviews: Where do we go from here? Can we set that up right now?
For final interviews: Where do we go from here? When can I start?
Don’t forget, as you have practiced your close, the employer is thinking of ways to strike you out. Some “strike out” statements are:

  • I still have more people to interview.
  • I will be getting back with _______.
  • I will be letting you know in a couple of days.

Beware of those smokescreens. DO NOT be fooled into thinking you will get the next step. If you don’t set up the day, date and time of your next interview, it probably will never happen. As a rule of thumb, attempt to get the next step 3 times. You may have to refer back to overcoming objections/concerns/hesitations to achieve this goal.
*As with everything, there may be an exception to the rule. The interviewer may not have the power to set up the next step because s/he may not have access to the next interviewer’s schedule. Or, you may be the first of several candidates they plan on interviewing. At least find out if the interviewer will be recommending you for the next step. You want to make sure that you are not being blown off.

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