Closing the Interview, Part 2

When closing your interview consider it like you are closing the deal on a product.  The customer is the interviewer and you are the product.  It is up to you to sell yourself and how you close the interview can make all the difference.

Asking Lead-In Questions is an important component to wrapping up the interview.  The purpose of a lead-in question is to identify if you did your job of selling yourself in the interview. If asked properly, these questions will pull out objections/hesitations the employer may have about hiring you for the position.  Below are some examples of lead-in questions or you can develop your own.  Think of what questions the interviewer will be thinking of when s/he makes his/her decision.

     How do you see me fitting in? 

     Am I the kind of person you are looking for?

     Describe your ideal candidate.  Do you see me as that type of person?

     Describe to me your top person… Do you feel I have those same qualifications?

     Are there any concerns you have about me filling the position?

     Can I count on your recommendation for the next step?

     How do I compare to other people you have hired? 

You want to make sure that you fit in with the culture of the team you will be working with and the company in general.  Employers put a high value on this.  You also want to make sure the interviewer feels that you have the right skill set for the position.

Before the interview, your recruiter will tell you what attributes they are looking for so you should be thinking about how you fit those attributes and be ready to counter any indication the interviewer makes about you NOT having that skill or attribute.

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